Please be advised that the education and services offered from Ldwain aka Rev. Dr. Craig D. Nelson Jr. and are not intended to replace legal, medical or financial professional advice or care. Guests and clients are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all education and services received.

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Ldwain is known as the Mindful Alchemist--a Knight in Shining Consciousness. He has served to support, help, rescue and deeply transform individuals from all walks of life for over 10 yrs.

His service is for people who are searching for personal and  spiritual growth. He focuses on those who want to create meaningful change in their life. His promise is to help you develop a stronger self-discipline so you can thrive from within.

He is an Honorable U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Artist, Musician, Alchemist, Spiritual Health Leader and an ordained Interfaith Minister with a religious Doctorate in Philosophy. He authored THE TOOLS they never GAVE US, which is a compelling and magical guide to self-mastery.