I have a story to tell and it is a simple one. 


I was divorced, depressed and homeless again. 


That's when my extreme low point happened after having to honorably leave the US Coast Guard.


Nights alone in my office, I felt hopeless, lost and overwhelmed.  My life then was a backwards spinning emotional roller coaster. 


I cringed every time I looked in the mirror, and was constantly fighting anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. The chaos I went through shoved me away from my joy, my family, friends and work. 


One fateful night, I made a committed decision moving forward. No more excuses! No more victim mentality! It was time for 100% responsibility.  


It took me about 18 months to heal and transform myself. There was a lot of trial and error. I went from lost, overwhelmed and confused to confident, peaceful and thriving from within. 


I did the inner work of self-discovery, transformative meditations and kept a journal for accountability.  I finally broke free, regained control & improved the quality of my life for good.


I was more calm, present and positive, even when the “going got tough”. Once you learn to enter your best self in to the daily battles, you've already won! It takes work, dedication and resolve. That's what I want to help you achieve!


Now, if you are struggling like I was and want to learn more about how to heal your anxiety, stress and negative thoughts in less time than it took me, let's connect below.

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Rev. Dr. Nelson aka Ldwain is a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Certified Alchemist, Meditation Coach and Spiritual Health Leader. He is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister with a Religious Doctorate in Philosophy & Psycho-Spiritual Therapy. With his background and practice, Ldwain has helped individuals from all walks of life permanently transform themselves in healthy & positive ways for over 10 yrs.