Rev. Dr. Nelson aka Ldwain is an Honorable U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Artist, Author, Musician, Alchemist, Spiritual Health Leader and an ordained Interfaith Minister with a Religious Doctorate in Philosophy. He has served to support, help, rescue and deeply transform individuals' personal and  spiritual growth from all walks of life for over 10 yrs.


"I have a thought provoking question for you...Ever wonder why expressing your true self is so hard?

The answer is because we underestimate the transformative impact we can have on ourselves. What do I mean by this? Here's the thing, a lot of us are missing something crucial in our lives for some real mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I know because I have been through my own he** and back, and I am sure some of us might be there even now--feeling stuck in a limbo or desperately clawing at the surface, trying not to be dragged in deeper.

I faced extreme levels of nervousness and anxiety growing up and into adulthood. This was all due to my parents divorce, becoming a homeless teen, military trauma, going through my own divorce and losing my way.

If you are or were anything like me--just felt insecure about my potential and purpose as a good human being. I was overwhelmed by my lack of clarity, focus and unfulfilled with my connection to my higher beliefs and values.

I found ways to strongly cope with all the negativity from deep learning, meditations and mindfulness, spiritual alchemy, self-transformation, law of attraction and psycho-spiritual therapy. These helped me through my times of struggle and even to this day. I learned to shift my energy only to the things I really wanted which were to enjoy a life with purpose, meaning, peace of mind and to inspire others to go just as deep so they can thrive from within too.

Once you enter your potentially best self in to the daily battle, you've already won! It takes work, dedication and resolve. That's what I want to help you achieve."

Please be advised that the education and services offered from Rev. Dr. Craig D. Nelson Jr. Aka Ldwain and are not intended to replace legal, medical or financial professional advice or care. Guests and clients are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all education and services received.

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