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AlchemMe Center for Spiritual Health

Deeply transform your wellness and well-being

 Located inside of Alchemy Wellness of Portland, OR. This is a safe, pleasant space that focuses on supporting you and the Alchemy of your self-care.


Founder of the AlchemMe Center for Spiritual Health

You and Ldwain will work together on becoming your best self inside and out. Together you can create meaningful change your life with your body, mind and spirit.  Ldwain offers genuine VIP support, step-by-step guidance, deep mindset coaching, and unique self-care meditations.


Together, you will explore the necessary actions to help you create meaningful, measurable change in your personal and spiritual growth.

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Business Hours:

Every Saturday from 10AM to 5PM

Located inside of Alchemy Wellness:

1320 NW 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97209