Testimonials & Recommendations


"Ldwain’s counsel has helped me clarify and release issues. I have greatly advanced my understanding of myself and my spiritual nature. He is practical, knowledgeable, and non judgmental. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about spiritual growth and willing to do the work every day."

​Barbara W.  

"For most of my life I have struggled with putting myself before others, to a point where I would suffer with deciding what I needed in order to simply survive. What I felt was utter depression. I had forgotten parts of myself I pushed aside when listening to others' needs. To simply please others is what I thought would make me feel happy.


Ldwain showed me what it took to thrive. Everyday the level of dedication he put towards my goals was life altering. I have learned that what I want most I have to prove everyday through action. Without it, I become lost. When I fall, Ldwain has always been there to help me kick myself back onto my path. I am thankful for being mentored by this wonderful man!"

Elizabeth B.

"Ldwain is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, and I LOVE his energy and intuitive approach to things!"

Tamara P.