Guiding You to Harness a Full Mind-Body-Soul Connection, so You Thrive From Within For Good!

Type:  1 : 1 Discovery + Guided Meditation + Sound Healing Call

Length: 45 Minutes

Purpose: Transformational guidance for your spiritual path leading you to feel a deeper connection, balance, healing, and uplifted state of being.

Explore: Where you are currently at on your journey--whether you are beginning or further along, stuck, lost, drifting, overwhelmed or feeling disconnected.


We will see what you currently practice and gain clarity on what you desire to discover, heal, transform, and master about yourself and spirituality.

Included: A guided meditation + sound healing that is calming, clarifying, and spirited. Plus a follow-up email with any resources discussed during the session.

Everything you share is 100% confidential and our sessions are a supportive & judgement-free space.

*I Will Not Sell Your Personal Information*