Please be advised that the education and services offered from Rev. Dr. Craig D. Nelson Jr. Aka Ldwain and are not intended to replace legal, medical or financial professional advice or care. Guests and clients are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all education and services received.

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With Rev. Dr. Nelson Aka Ldwain

Foster Positive Inner Growth And Conquer Each Day With Healthier States of Being Present, Calm And Strong From Within, Even In A Busy-Chaotic World.

Working With Ldwain is for you if: 


You are willing to do the following: 1) Embrace the journey 2) Be teachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun. If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.

Do you struggle with setbacks such as:

- Energy Drain

- Disempowered

- Negative Self-talk

- Not Feeling "Good Enough"

- Stressed Inside And Out

- Unfocused

- Unbalanced

- Drifting


There won't be fans who write checks just to "hang out" with Ldwain (Although he loves his fans), this level of inner work is for those seeking the highest level of inner strength, inner peace and inner growth from deep learning, meditation and mindfulness.

This isn't for you if:


You are lazy, not committed to your self, live by excuses, don't have a high willingness to learn, and don't have a high willingness to accept necessary/positive change and growth.