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Heal Anxiety, Stress And Negative Thoughts To Enjoy A Healthy & Fulfilling Relationship With Yourself, Life And Work!

Discover how to be more confident, at peace and wholesome with meditation coaching!

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Meditation Coaching Is for You If...

You Are Stressed Out By Uncertainty:

With life’s daily twists and turns, just the thought of “what could go wrong” is keeping you in a state of worry and doubt...

You Often Feel Trapped In Flight Or Fight:

When anxiety hits, the overwhelm can be paralyzing. You don’t know how to move, think, or make decisions effectively...

You Don't Feel In Control:

Your negative thoughts and feelings get in the way of your productivity, goals and success... 

You Feel Drained And Burnt Out:

Your struggle is an uphill battle everyday, and can't seem to find the inspiration and motivation to create a positive impact in your wellness & well-being...

You Are Not Where You Thought You Would Be By Now:

You imagined a better & more fulfilling life for yourself after all you have done, and yet it all seems further away than expected each time you look in the mirror...

If any of the above sounds familiar,

you are in the right spot!



Learning how to find balance during times of chaos takes inner work, and Rev. Dr. Nelson is here to encourage, teach, and support you every step of the way.

With guided meditations, support and accountability, you can overcome the challenges above, and become more calm, present, confident and positive, even when the going gets tough.

Meditation Coach

What If...

You could experience life balance and enjoy deeper, healthier relationships with yourself, family, friends and work?

What's The Secret?

Transformative Meditations!

You need meditations that have lasting effects, away from behind closed doors, off the yoga mat, so you can brave the busy world with a powerful state of being. 

If you want to thrive from within, even in stressful situations and create a life you can be a leader is the time!

If you want to thrive from within, even in stressful situations and create a life you can be a leader is the time!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

- Ancient Proverb -

Are You Ready?

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Rev. Dr. Nelson Uses Transformative

Meditations To Help You With...

 Self-Discovery For Inner Confidence

Self-Healing For Inner Peace

Self-transformation For Inner Mastery

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