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Get Meditation Guidance That Is Right For You

Without proper guidance, meditation is hard. When you use the PurposeDriven Method in a Thrive Session, inner calmness and healing increase.


What Happens When You Meditate In A Purpose Driven Way?

Most seekers struggle with meditation. Some "get it", while others feel like they are doing it wrong, or as though something is missing.

When you meditate in a purpose driven way you can...

  • Recognize and realize your highest and greatest good

  • Connect with your higher self, power of the mind, and spirituality

  • Develop a lasting sense of empowerment, worthiness, and compassion

  • Release limited beliefs, blocks, and negative "programming"

  • Discover a true calling that resonates with your inner life values

  • Unveil the right pathway to inner peace, calm, and resilience

Meditation is meant to be fun, "up-leveling", adventurous, and creative. With it you can also generate authentic gratitude toward your dreams, goals, and desires.

"When the student AND teacher are ready, they will appear together."

Meet Your Inner Life & Meditation Guide
Rev. "Ldwain" Nelson, Ph.D.

Thank you for letting me guide you through enhancing the way you meditate which is meant to help you with...

Thrive From Within

Heal From Within

Transform From Within

Step One: Book A Unique Meditation THRIVE Session

Step Two: Increase Inner Peace, Balance, And Growth

Step Three: Enjoy A Spirited Way Of Life

Meditation Group

Barbara W.


"Ldwain’s counsel has helped me clarify and release issues. I have greatly advanced my understanding of myself and my spiritual nature..."


Spiritual Guidance From Ldwain

What is Your Next Step and How to Get Started?

Schedule a THRIVE Session!

On that call we will experience getting to know each other, enjoy a guided meditation, see where you currently are in your journey--what is working or not, and reveal the best way to support you moving forward.

Book Your THRIVE Session Today!

If you seek step-by-step guidance delivered with world class support, and a higher level focus on transformative body, mind, and soul coaching--let's talk today!

FAQ's Below

Q. Is meditation & spiritual life coaching like self-help?


A. Short answer, no. However, I want you to consider this well thought out answer, because here's what you don't know about the self-help industry that can keep you away from REAL inner growth...


How are you supposed to completely discover yourself if you get overwhelmed, stuck, or even lost searching through countless hours of self-help/transformation content available to you EVERYWHERE?!

Is it actually possible to discover yourself without searching forever?!🤯

I bet you’ve tried to figure-it-out, “cherry picking” or dabbling with books, videos, workshops, meditation apps/audios, and following spiritual/personal development leaders... And nothing has quite worked all the way for you, right?

How do you find the ⏰ TIME ⏰ to be true to yourself, be in “the now”, and go with the flow… especially if you're a seeker trying to juggle between your personal life,  outer ambitions, and inner growth?


How do you justify spending money on meditation, books, videos, audios, apps, workshops etc. if you barely have the time, energy, and focus to use them?


😨 Why's it so nerve-racking to “be inspired one moment, and lose motivation the next”?


Can you really go “next level” with who you are without being overwhelmed, stuck, and lost, AND without losing time, energy, and focus?


🤔 And when should you meditate? Are you doing it “right”?


🤔 Should you even read/listen to books or podcasts?


🤔 Are you doing the inner work? How often?


🤔 What about binge watching self-help/meditation/spiritual teaching/ personal development/motivational videos online?

If questions similar to these run through your head, you are not alone. I have answers for you. 

Don’t get me wrong, learning is great! However, obsessing over the knowledge & being hypnotized by the search itself is one of the traps we might not be aware of.


Unlike self-help, meditation & spiritual life coaching doesn't give you a one-size-fits-all map, or a pile of information that you’re left to digest and figure out on your own.


Instead, I help you create a plan that’s tailored to your purpose and desires, and support you through every step of the journey as you put it into action.


I also provide accountability, which helps you to stay “in action” even when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated.

Q. How does your meditation & spiritual life coaching process work?

A. My process involves:

- Weekly 90min 1-on-1 or group coaching/clarity calls. On those calls we can also practice a range of meditations, sound healing, energy & visualization work

- Week by week meditation plan and daily application

- Daily Feedback from my simple micro coaching journal template

- Video, audios, and or drawings sent to you for meditation, clarity, feedback, and deeper understanding

Q. How much does meditation & spiritual life coaching coaching cost?

A. Best answer is that 1st, this is not a "cost" but more of an investment into your personal & spiritual growth. So, investing in a meditation coach costs far less than the price of living a life that’s less than you were meant to live.


2nd, it is best to get on a THRIVE Session to see if it would be a good fit working together. Otherwise, without understanding the real value with that, we can not establish trust with price alone. I'd recommend we connect and go from there.


Q. What if I don't have time for coaching or the homework? 

A. In my years of coaching and mentoring others to transform their burning desires into their results, I’ve discovered that we always have more time than we think – we just don’t know how to free up that time.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, right? So, ask yourself this question "Am I willing to invest at least 1-3% of my typical waking 16hr day into living the life I am meant to live?" 1% out of your whole day is about 10min and 3% is about 30min. That can be broken up into segments throughout the day as well.

By the end of 7 day week at 1-3% you get almost 70-210min of growth that you would not have had otherwise. Again, would you be willing to invest that time into yourself? I am thinking yes, you know what I mean?

Q. How long does it take to get results?

A. That largely depends on you, really. Doing the inner work means getting results. Within 8 weeks or less, clients have experienced amazing results equal to the high quality of dedication and commitment put in.


I can show you how to use the principles of meditation & personal inner growth and create map to connect to your purpose and transform your life as you see fit, but how much action you create, how fast you make it, and how consistently you apply the principles learned is entirely up to you.

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