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 Whether you are just beginning, struggling or further along your spiritual life journey, you've come to the right place. If you are seeking Spiritual Guidance and Inner Mastery--Welcome!

A lot can happen during our search for our inner potential, meaning and purpose in life, and there are many challenges that can keep us from moving further or deeper. The worse thing that could happen is that we can deal with the draining sense of losing our way during the process of our healing and self-transformation.

There are other common pitfalls that can happen along your inner path as well and those are:

  • Overwhelmed by all the spiritual info (books, Books and more BOOKS!, videos, workshops etc.)

  • Sense of loneliness (feeling like no one else gets you and your spirituality)

  • Energetic drain (vitality is negatively affected, distressed, and feeling stuck spiritually)

  • More questions and not enough answers (searching in all the wrong places, struggle to find meaning externally)

  • Disconnection (experiencing a weak relationship with who you are, your purpose and your higher beliefs and values)

  • Spiritually stressed (not where you thought you would or should be during your growth)

  • Not grounded and balanced (unable to be present, calm and centered enough, especially during high stress situations)

The above happens because we don't know any better, yet. After all, we can only do the best with what we know about ourselves. Unfortunately, getting to know one's self deeply isn't easy--often times daunting, BUT fortunately, it does get easier. With the right amount of guidance, support and accountability, you can successfully overcome the challenges and more above.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

- Ancient Chinese Proverb -

 I invite you to reach out and connect with me on a free discovery call. Let's explore if working together would be a good fit. We'll talk about where you currently are in your spiritual growth, what is currently working for you or not, and how I can support you more on your journey.


If you are willing to do the following: 1) Embrace the challenges 2) Be teachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun and can meaningfully do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.


This level of inner work is for those seeking advanced self-discovery and self-transformation toward inner mastery. If any of this resonates with you, let's jump on a call and explore this next level opportunity!

This isn't for you if:


You are lazy, not committed to your self, live by excuses, don't have a high willingness to learn, and don't have a high willingness to accept necessary/positive change and growth. 

Please be advised that the education and services offered from Rev. Dr. Craig D. Nelson Jr. Aka Ldwain and are not intended to replace legal, medical or financial professional advice or care. Guests and clients are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all education and services received.

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