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How to get your calmness & inner life balance back, without being stressed, drained, and disconnected between yourself & key relationships.

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How Meditation Helped Me Overcome Homelessness, Divorce, Depression, And More...

...I learned a lot about the inner work of meditation and its secrets of self-discovery, self-healing, and heart turned from stone to GOLD...Read More

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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

- Ancient Proverb -

 Harmonize With Yourself And Foster...

Inner Confidence

Inner Peace

Inner Joy

Meditation by the Beach

Meditation Coaching Is For You If...

You want to go "next level" with who you are

You want to increase your energy and impact

You want meaningful work - inner life balance

You want to be more present & calm - "in the now"

You want to refine success for yourself and others

You want to harmonize your body, mind, and soul

You want to bring more flow into your daily life

You want to liberate yourself and have more control

Let Ldwain Guide You On The Most Important Journey Of Your Life.

You can enjoy your life without the stress, drain, and disconnection between yourself & key relationships.

An 8-Week Step-By-Step Journey Toward The Best Version Of Yourself




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Barbara W.


"Ldwain’s counsel has helped me clarify and release issues. I have greatly advanced my understanding of myself and my spiritual nature...more"


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You need meditations that have lasting effects, away from behind closed doors, and off the yoga mat, so you can brave your busy-hectic world with an empowered presence.